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I am a compassionate, affectionate, honest, stable and an independent gentlewoman. Music is my passion and I like dancing, go to movies, travel, going to sandy beaches and eating out is what I love, like animals especially cats and visiting the zoos, home aquariums. Like comedy and like to laugh, like Laurel and Hardy, Ron White, Carlin,(Brain Droppings by Carlin is hilarious and I want to read more of his books)I also like to play cards, family games and shoot pool even though I am not good.I am looking for an unconditional love to give and receive same and someone to love me for who I am and looking for a man who is comfortable in her own skin, confident but yet can still be shy in a way. I am a REAL live woman, not here to rack up online romance, or dozens of online girlfriends. I want ONE REAL MAN. I want a man who is crazy about me, who can stand up to me, lay down beside me and who can make me laugh when the whole world seems blue. A man who is tender in love, tough in a fight. Also, gentleness, honesty, communication, mutual respect, trust and compassion is what I want in my man..Thank you for reading the best of luck in your search, and lets get to know each other
Music: r&b
Books: novel and Bible
Sports: football
Interests: in men
Movies: action firm
Dreams: What gos around comes around

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