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There are millions of stars and millions of planets revolving around one central point - and that point is NOT you! Be aware of those around you and respect them. We are not here on earth solely for our own benefit.
HighSchool: Springfield Catholic High School
Music: Cher, Pink, No Doubt, 311, Lily Allen, Green Day, Reba, Kily Minogue, Madonna, Maroon 5,Fallout Boy, Chemical Brothers, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dee Lite, Fat Boy Slim, Sonique,
TV: CSI: Las Vegas, Miami & New York, The Closer, Ugly Betty, Family Guy, Sordid Lives, Kathy Griffin:Life on the D List, Will & Grace, Reba, The History Channel, The Science Channel, I Love Lucy, Big Gay Sketch Show, Golden Girls,
Sports: I like to play tennis, golf, baseball (more for the sights than an actual love for playing) and I love to watch football.
Movies: Big Business, Steel Magnolias, Birdcage, Back to the Future I,II & III, any movie with Anna Farris in it, National Lampoon's Vacation/Christmas Vacation, James Bond,
WhatImInto: I'm always willing to try anything once. I also love to just hang out with friends or family, I always love debating on any subject because I definitely have an opinion on everything, I love meeting new people (which might explain my career choice), I really enjoy traveling - even if it is just in the area - if it's someplace I've never been, it's cool, I always love a challenge
MyBestFeatures: My eyes, my sense of humor (which can be a bit dry at times), my devotion to those I love (It's a scorpio thing), my ability to take things all in stride - life is too short to stress about the small shit,
Dreams: My dreams consist of meeting that someone that wants to live life to it's fullest, is never afraid to try something new, believes in themselves, can carry on a civilized, mature conversation with their own opinions and ideas and is also not afraid to act like a crazy ass fool and own it. I want someone who can appreciate the devotion and love that i have to offer and doesn't take it for granted.

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