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Only lovers can grow old together without fear or discouragement. Lovers who enter into a time also conquer it: that is one of the paradoxes of love. Lovers come to understand, that within the limits of time, they appreciate the timeless quality of the heart of their own relationship with each other . Enter into time and you transcend it; try to escape it and you cannot. and you miss love in the bargain. Lovers do not have to kill time; they have learned something of its meaning, and they stand together no longer afraid of it.
Music: I love mellow music
TV: smallville is my favorate one
Books: accounting books pero usahay maglabad akong ulo kung magstudy ko. hehhehehe....
Sports: volleyball and softball
Interests: i don't know how much is the interest... i'm not good in it. hahahahhahahahha
Movies: A lot to mention
BestFeatures: speechless!
Dreams: to be happy and contented that is what i want in my life...

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